Door Fix Maintenance Programmes

Do I need one?

Equipment failures always seem to happen at the worst possible time and door repair or replacement can be costly. Over the long haul, it is typically less expensive to maintain your current doors and hardware to ensure they are in good working order.

Additionally, making sure your equipment is properly maintained will keep your property secure and operating at full capacity without the inconvenience of a malfunction. Most people have a large sum of money invested in their property and it is well worth the cost of a maintenance programme to protect your investment.

Avoid Expensive Door Repair & Replacement Doors

How do maintenance programs work?

We will create a detailed assessment of your needs and present you with a plan that will keep all of your door and security components in good working order. We offer multiple options and you can choose the programme level that best fits your needs and budget.

We also assist you in complying with all local and national safety regulations, along with DDA standards. Ensuring you not only comply with current regulation, but also document that you are compliant is an important part of limiting your liability.

Door Fix Maintenance Programmes
  • Six-month and twelve-month plans available
  • Written progress reports and updates
  • Monthly documented regulation compliance check
  • All parts covered by guarantee
  • Equipment testing
  • Avoid the high cost of door repair or replacement doors
We help our clients protect their investments by providing professional service and maintenance programmes that make sense for businesses. Maintain your current equipment and don't be stuck with a large bill for replacement doors and parts.