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Fire Door Repair and Emergency Exit Requirements Fire Door 2

Strict regulations are in place for all public venues that mandate emergency exit routes and fire doors must remain
clear and properly maintained at all times. If there is a fire in an apartment building or public setting, it is vital people can easily make their way along an exit route and then exit the building through a fire exit door without delay.

Regulation Requirements

Fire doors are made for easy operation and allow for an easy exit with the use of a panic bar or push bar mechanism. It is crucial these remain in good working order at all times and operate properly. If you have any type of fire door malfunction and need fast, quality fire door repair, please call us today for an easy quote.

Fire door exit equipment:

  • Panic Bars
  • Push Pads


Exit routes must be clearly marked and easy to follow with appropriate lighting. It is a good idea to check your signage every 6 months and ensure it meets current regulations.

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