Door Springs

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Our technicians are experts in every area of door repair including providing service for floor springs and installation of fire and emergency exit hardware.

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Automatic hydraulic leaver hinge door closer holder

Automatic hydraulic leaver hinge door closer holder

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Door Closer

Door closers are devices that assist doors in properly closing and securing shut.

Where do you typically find door closers?

Many types of commercial and residential doors have door closers as a part of the attached hardware. Public safety regulations and fire code often require the use of door closers, but closers are also used to ensure a door properly closes. We offer a full range of closers including basic overhead closer units, Briton door closers and Dorma door closers.

Quality Door Repair and Closer Installation Services

Overhead Door CloserFloor SpringDoor closer categories:

Overhead Closers

Doors with overhead closers are very common and offer a flexible door closer option that can be installed on most doors. There is a wider range of available designs depending on the exact purpose needed.

Floor Spring Closers

Doors with floor spring units are typically used on commercial doors or doors that get heavy use. They are hydraulic and fit between a door and the floor underneath to assist door closure.

Transom Spring Closers

These hydraulic units fit into a doorframe and assist closure. They are mostly used on industrial type doors. The choice between a floor spring and transom style closer usually depends on the flooring beneath the door.

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